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February 2015

Gifts for your Loves

Acrylic Mediums

2015 Art Challenge Phase 2



Gifts for your Loves

Happy Valentines Day!  Come in to our shop and receive a lovely gift!  We love that you love the Arts!


Visit us to create a one of a kind gift using your skills.  We have an array of items to help you make a thoughtful gift for your children, significant other, parents, grandparents, friends and everyone in-between!  



Acrylic Mediums & More!

Mediums!  Wow!  There are some many unique mediums that can add so much to your art.  Liquitex has many Mediums that will challenge your creativity.  Their Mediums are designed to assist you in coming up with the look & feel that you want to achieve with your art.  Mediums can range from items that help keep your Acrylic paints wet, more malleable longer, to make your paints more fluid to allowing multi-media objects in your paints.


Some of the most popular mediums are:


Airbrush Medium

This medium is traditionally used for allowing your acrylic paints go through an airbrush machine, BUT this product also allows non-airbrush artists to thin out their paints without loosing the integrity/bonds of the paint while thinning them out.  Some people use water to thin their paint out, but this can cause unwanted affects to your art.  Adding too much water can break the Polymer & Pigment bonds of the paint.  This causes undesired cracking, loss of brilliance of paint color, and paint stability.   


Liquitex Airbrush medium is a blend of Acrylic Polymer Emulsion, distilled water, retarder and Liquitex Flow-Aid.  It easily thins Acrylic Paint while adding extra time to use your paint.  Clean tools with water or other artists’ cleaners. 



Gel Mediums (Matte & Gloss)

Matte & Gloss Mediums are really neat products that change how light reflects on them.  It also can add body/volume to your paints and be used in Multi-Media projects. Gel Mediums also adds transparency and dry slower than paints alone.  Gel Mediums also hold brush and painting knife marks making interested peaks and valleys.  Wet Gel Mediums make the paints appear milky, but dry clear.  Liquitex makes several degrees of Matte & Glossy Gel Mediums:

Gloss Gel

Gloss Heavy Gel

Gloss Super Heavy Gel


Matte Gel

Matte Super Heavy Gel

Ultra Matte Gel

Ultra Matte Gel

There are more fluid Matte Mediums which added fluidity to paint, rather than body like the Gel Mediums.


To learn more about Surface Prep, Fluid, Gel, & Effects Mediums, please feel free to stop in the shop!


UPDATE:  The Acylic Book by Liquitex



2015 Art Challenge Phase 2

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Dated: 2/21/15

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