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January 2015

Canvas Sale

2015 Art Challenge! 

Sketch Notes, Creative Note Taking

Art Bike



Canvas Sale

We are having a Canvas Sale (while supplies last)!  and we passing the savings to you!  We have multiple sizes of canvases on super sale. Stock up now and make a painting for your loved one for Valentines Day.  It is right around the corner!  You still have time!



2015 Art Challenge

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Sketch Notes, Creative Note Taking


Basic Idea

Take note taking to the next level.  You don't have to be super creative or have excellent handwriting to do Sketch Notes.  You just need a few simple tools and your own style to make your notes more memorable to you, give you a leg up on remembering key points from meetings and make you like to revisit your notes.  For me, most likely like you, I am a visual learner.  Being able to add an extra visual note to what I am working on allows me to pin point a specific item/s from my notes and retain information better.  A simple doodle of a subject or a distinctive color gives me the power to excel.  Not only will you be able to recall themes/subjects in your notes easier, your notebook will look like you mean business to someone who takes a glance at it.  


So why would you want to bother practicing Sketch Notes?  It has been studied that making notes by hand increases retention of what you are learning about; Gives you a creative outlet in meetings when typically people are not allowed to be creative; Keeps you entertained & interested in a situations where you may not be interested in; Makes you look like you are still participating when you don’t want to be [shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!]; etc…


If you are all digital, you can still do Sketch Notes with tablets or scanning your notes into a PDF or other computer programs. Tag images with anchors and add digital links, etc...


Basic Materials Needed:

Notebook such as Rhodia, Visual Journal, Bee Super Deluxe, etc…

  • A Notebook you are proud to carry

  • An easy size to take with you to multiple destinations

  • If you are particular, a notebook that you can make multiple volumes with

  • Nice quality paper to prevent bleeding ink, etc…

Writing Utensils (Pens, Makers & Pencils)

  • Pen or Pencils, or why not both?  Try a water-soluble pencil set like Inktense or Metallic Pencils or Stablio or Copic markers

  • A small or manageable number of colors (have a good old fashion pencil box such as a Derwent Silver Pencil Case to hold tools)

  • Pens with multiple nib sizes like Microns or Derwent Line Makers

Tips & Practice

  • Make a visual symbol that you know marks a new subject, like a square

  • Special points/idea box shape

  • Set up Alignment styles on your page

  • Think of creative connectors within your notes

  • Apply colors that don’t take too much time or get too confusing for you

  • Read about what other do to make their Sketch Notes better

  • Use your own words

  • Use key words/Phrases

  • Don’t get frustrated at spelling

  • Try new ways of lettering to make subject


Additional Resources:

Smashing Magazine

The Atlantic






Art Bike

BeauxArts is making an ART Bike!  Do you have any suggestions on what we should do?  Let us know!

The bike is a fixy beach crusier that is currently plain dark blue.  Liquitext makes some gorgious spray paint colors so I've obtained two cans, Medium Magenta & Phthalocyanine Green 6 (Blue Shade), to paint the body of the bike. Liquitex Professional Spray Paint can be special ordered at BeauxArts. 







































Dated: 1/21/15

Introducing Liquitex Professional Spray Paint, a stunning innovation developed for professional artists. Combining artist grade pigments with revolutionary water-based technology, Liquitex Professional Spray Paint offers color brilliance, lightfastness and durability in a unique low odor formulation.  .

  • Lightfast 

  • Water-Based Technology 

  • Low Odor 

  • Durable and Permanent 

  • Color Brilliance 

  • Matches Liquitex Color Spectrum 

  • Professional Quality 

  • Versatile 

  • For Use on Multiple Surfaces  


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